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Guangdong Samsun Technology Co.,Ltd.

       Samsun technology is fully master the core technology of visual, laser and spectrum, realize the automatic measurement of high-tech company. Samsun is the national high and new industry, the double soft certification enterprises in GuangDong province and private technology enterprises in GuangDong province.
      Samsun since 2008, has a strong R&D team and service team, and has been committed to training of excellent technical and management talent, has formed a highly efficient cooperation of professional team now. We constantly improve our professional technology and fully implementing routing management, standardization and quantifiable pneumatic system based on the concept of Scientific and technological innovation, and create productivity. Company products and technology solution has been widely used in 3C, machinery, automobile, mould and other industry. Sincerity and innovation, act in concert, adhere to the customer as the center, for customers to solve the automation measurement issues of all products.
      Samsun has the strong R&D basis of Production Research Subject, has set up strategic cooperation of Production Research Subject with the national key university such as Xi 'an traffic university, HUST and National metrology institute.
      Master the core technology, control the use of light, By the struggle, the spirit of the duty and professional technology to become the automated measurement industry example. Adhere to the idea of professional to create value, efforts to provide a higher added value or tailored solution for customers based on our successful experience of many years engaged in test automation. Cooperate with the customers by the company's professionalism, create value together and achieve the win-win situation.

Awards & honors

Awards received

In May 2016, won the title of "Guangdong Famous Trademark Enterprise"

In June 2011, we were awarded "Guangdong Private Technology Enterprise".

In January 2018, we were awarded "National CNC System Engineering Technology Research Center Talent Internship Base".

In November 2012, we obtained the certificate of "High-tech Enterprise".

Member of Machine Vision Industry Alliance, August 2014

In February 2013, won the OPT 2012 Outstanding Partner"









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Business Distribution

At present, we have laid out six offices in Shenzhen, Kunshan, Changzhou, Fujian, Shanghai and Chengdu, radiating the core economically developed regions of China mainly in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta, serving customers including Huawei, Samsung, VIVO, Foxconn, ZTE, OPPO, Tongda, BYD and other domestic and foreign industry leaders.

Core values: hard work and dedication

We have mastered the core technology, harnessed the use of light, and become the benchmark of the automation measurement industry with our hard work, essential spirit and professional technology. The company has been adhering to the concept of "professionalism creates value", with its own successful experience in testing and automation for many years, we strive to provide customers with higher added value, tailor-made solutions, and cooperate with customers with our professionalism to create value together and achieve a multi-win situation.


Development vision: to become the benchmark of optical application detection automation industry

Looking to the future, the company will be based on high-end manufacturing, strengthen domestic and international technical cooperation, and continuously improve the core technology capabilities of independent research and development and production testing process, close to customer needs, to help China's intelligent manufacturing, and continue to provide society with leading technology, efficient performance of intelligent testing solution services, and strive to become a leading domestic, the core of the use of light technology, covering the upstream and downstream business areas of the automation measurement industry benchmark. Create industry pioneers, wealth and win-win; tree industry benchmark, lead the future.


Mission: To make Chinese manufacturing plus the eyes of wisdom

At present, the development of intelligent manufacturing is in full swing, bringing continuous momentum to society. Industrial vision is equivalent to giving a pair of eyes to the production process, making manufacturing intelligent and opening up a new "vision" of intelligent manufacturing. Samson continues to focus on the development and production of 3C products such as confocal spectroscopy, vision inspection, laser measurement, 3D inspection, AI intelligent inspection, automation integration system and other spectral intelligent measurement technology products, seize the historical opportunity of China's manufacturing industry and the development of 3C, machinery, automotive, mold industry, constantly update products, further expand production capacity, expand more applications to meet the fast-growing market demand, and increase product market share. Improve the market share of our products, commit to be more and more widely used in modern and future manufacturing enterprises, build China's own industrial Internet ecology, and lay a solid foundation for Made in China.


Internationalization Strategy

From the perspective of global economic integration, we should not only see the worldwide market of Chinese high-tech industry, but also the global market of high-tech industry. For Samson, we should not only seize the market share in the competition of domestic market, maintain the steady growth of market share, and become the preferred brand of advanced equipment manufacturing for customers. We also need to implement the international strategy of "going out", dare to compete with powerful rivals in the global market, and seize the global market share of advanced manufacturing. Through the possession of the domestic market and the export of technology and products to the international market, we will gradually move towards the multi-angle and group operation in the industry, maximize the scale efficiency, enhance the international competitiveness of the enterprise, and develop into an international high-tech industrial group with advanced manufacturing technology as the core, which is in line with or even ahead of the international.