Master The Core Technology Control The Use Of Light

Business Department

      After 15 years of development, three Jameson has been build to visual inspection of science and technology, laser confocal measurement and spectrum, the three dimensional inspection, automation system integration, intelligent AI and so on six big core technology direction and LAVUE, MONOVIEW, AAIP three brands, products and services include consumer electronics, new energy, biological medicine, food, cosmetic, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, rail transportation and other industries. Sam's commitment to the 3 c, machinery, automobile, mould parts product testing equipment professional, intelligent frontier to explore, to become "the international advanced 3 c key test equipment solutions for professional providers" as the goal, leading 3 c testing equipment, technical innovation, promote national equipment level.

      The future the company will continue to focus on, visual inspection, laser confocal spectrum measurement, 3 d detection and AI intelligent detection, automatic integrated system such as 3 c product spectrum intelligent measurement technology product development and production, seize the manufacturing and development of 3 c, machinery, automobile and mould industry of the historical opportunity, to further expand production capacity, to meet the rapid growth of market demand, improve product market share; By strengthening the brand construction, market development, realize the national market coverage, and strengthen existing marketing channel marketing and market to develop depth, enhance profitability. At the same time, the company will further increase investment in technology research and development, become a attaches great importance to the social responsibility and innovation of science and technology of 3 c testing equipment of leading enterprises.

Brands and business


LAVUE:To focus on for 3 c (computer, communications, consumer electronics), medical, automotive, machinery, mold manufacturing enterprises to provide professional intelligent detection solution. Include: CCD on-line automatic testing equipment, all kinds of non-standard test or inspection equipment, custom automation equipment, automated assembly line, industrial robot application of production system integration, etc., the business scope covers equipment research and development, production, processing, assembling, debugging, and the whole process of after-sales service.

MONOVIEW:Focus on to provide the best intelligent measurement and control field of measurement and control solutions. 

AAIP:Based on field bus industrial motion shaft vibration suppression technology, for each function module of the machine the overall coordination, accurate synchronization of confocal spectrum open integrated intelligent measurement and control platform.