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Samson organized a walking activity for employees

Date:2020-05-15 Source:Samsun Technology

      In order to enrich the cultural and sports life of the company staff, increase the cohesion of the enterprise, improve the physical quality of the staff, show the good spirit of Samson, and advocate green low life, on the early morning of Saturday, September 23, with the coolness of early autumn, Samson organized the activity of "Walking Health, I am Happy - 2016 Samson, Walking".

      The walking activity was held in the beautiful Songshan Lake Park, with more than 100 participants from R&D center, engineering department, automation department, sales team and management departments. During the two-hour activity, everyone walked together, singing and laughing all the way, talking and laughing, walking widely, enjoying the beautiful scenery of the lake, breathing fresh air, and taking pictures together to freeze the beautiful time in that moment. During the activity, everyone's face was full of joy and happiness, enjoying the physical and mental pleasure brought by healthy exercise, and everyone was very enthusiastic, while exercising and enjoying the body and mind, enhancing the communication and understanding between each other, driving more employees to participate in fitness and physical exercise, and playing a positive role in promoting.
      This walking activity let the staff close to nature, healthy life, while really feel the unity of Samson atmosphere and a sense of belonging to the enterprise, advocating the staff to more robust body, more full of enthusiasm into the work, for the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise to inject new momentum.
Samson organized a walking activity for

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