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Why invest in 5G infrastructure

Date:2020-06-03 Source:Samsun Technology

With the gradual acceptance of 5G technology, our country has started to invest a lot of manpower and material resources in the new infrastructure. After the constant propaganda of various major media, people begin to doubt the true value of 5G, hence the debate about why China is spending so much money on 5G.

Why invest in 5G

What does the new infrastructure include?

New Infrastructure refers to the infrastructure necessary for China's future development toward an intelligent society, including the new generation of information network technologies and communications technologies, such as 5G, it also includes the construction of charging posts, research and development of new energy vehicles, and artificial intelligence. In addition, we can also see from the work report that big data centers, UHV, industrial internet and other infrastructure construction, of which 5g technology-related new infrastructure accounted for about 50% .

5g is not yet as ubiquitous as 4G, but most people already know what it is. 5G Is the abbreviation of the 5th generation mobile communication, and it is also the latest generation of Cellular Mobile Network Technology developed on the basis of 4G. China's 5G communications applications began in October last year, from the network of some "fresh" user experience, 5g technology is the biggest feature is fast and low delay, which will undoubtedly bring a new revolution to the communications network.

Why is China investing in 5G infrastructure?

In today's era, smart electronic products have become everyone can not give up the thing, and support electronic products intelligent technology including mobile communication technology. For more than a decade, China has trailed the United States, Japan and other countries in mobile internet communications, leaving the country in many ways hostage to others. Now China is basically leading the world in the construction of 5G, if we can master the initiative of 5G communication technology in the future, our country will also have the initiative in other aspects of development.

In addition to thinking about it at the level of national development, thinking about it at the level of the general public is easy to understand. Now many Chinese mobile phone brands have launched 5G mobile phones, and many consumers have also experienced a 5G network, 5g network is really fast, the download and upload speed per second is about 10 times of 4G network, this greatly facilitates the transmission and exchange of information. Although China's current 5G infrastructure construction has not yet achieved a large area, large-scale coverage, but I believe that this is the next two to three years can be achieved.

WHERE IS 5G road?

There is no doubt that China will continue to develop 5G technology in the future communication network. From the current domestic development, although the progress of 5G infrastructure construction has been slowed down by the impact of the epidemic, but on the whole it is still in steady progress. However, there are still many unstable factors in China's external environment, which try to hinder China's development of 5G through economic and technological sanctions.

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