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Standard Equipment

Mobile phone cover glass AOI inspection equipment (SAG-190)

Inspection products:3D composite materials/glass covers/metal products
Inspection content:Detection of defects in the appearance of mobile phone covers
Measuring method: manual loading and unloading, step by step, quick inspection is completed

Project Requirement Performance Indicators Detection Advantage Equipment Capability Video Presentation

1) Image processor: i7-7700K/i5-24008G memory, 2TG hard disk, 21" LCD monitor (four hosts in total)  
2) Samson appearance inspection software V1.0 (online real-time data collection, tolerance free setting, automatic judgment OK/NG)
3) Three sets of high-speed line array cameras
4) DC-200 series testing equipment set (including chassis, precision parts, etc.)   
5) First-line brand electronic components (sensors, electrical switches, control systems, etc.)      
6)High precision non-standard custom-made jig


1. Materials come in the form of trays, the robot is fully automatic loading.
2. The software program sets the movement points, the mechanism moves the product to the inspection station in order, and the software carries out the inspection.
3. After the measurement is completed, the software will process the data and determine the OK and NG of the product according to the tolerance set by the customer.
4. The OK products are laminated, classified and discharged from different discharge channels.