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Service & Support

After-sales service policy

Warranty process

• Contact supplier fails, with warranty card or invoice;
• Preliminary identified as a hardware failure (suppliers);
• Confirmation hardware failure, the warranty period, access to equipment coding, set up a repair records;
• Proper packaging equipment send to the specified address;
• 15 working days to repair equipment and issue;
• Equipment made within five working days return visit to confirm the arrival of the goods and usage, to ensure customer satisfaction.


• Hardware warranty period: three, according to the service contract signed with the customer, to provide customers a one-year free hardware warranty service (service time changes, if any, will be subject to service contract).
• Commitment to repair time: Sam's commitment since the date of receipt of the damaged parts, within 15 working days to repair and send back to the device.
• Repair equipment warranty: three Jameson provide consignment to repair equipment three months from the date of the warranty services, such as repair equipment is still in the original warranty period, the time is the elder of the two applies.
• Transportation cost: damaged parts shipped back to Samsun company related expenses shall be borne by our company.

Warranty limits

• The following is beyond the scope of Sam's company take the warranty:

1.Equipment nameplate loss, damage or obscure;
2.Due to the acquirer abnormal transportation, loading and unloading, use, maintenance, custody of man-made cause of failure. Such as lightning, over-voltage and over-current, water, etc.;
3.Not according to product instructions damaged products (including software, hardware upgrades);
4.Without the customer service center, to return the products;
5.Charged the hot-swappable modules, pull damage caused by cable;
6.Without ization for product disassembly, repair, or modification;
7.Apply for maintenance of product model, the equipment Numbers do not tally with the back;
8.Due to force majeure damage caused by fault, such as earthquake, flood;
9.New functional requirements beyond the factory when buying customer pledge function other than the product itself quality problem;
10.The machine consumable;

• Sam's not stored in their products or in other forms related to the product of customer data to provide guarantee, please the relevant data needed for your own backups to prevent loss.
• Random manual, disks, consumables is beyond the scope of the warranty.