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AI Intelligent Detection

Intelligentdetection solution integration professional service providers

Using deep learning algorithms, grab irregular surface characteristics. Defects of autonomic learning can mutate, after the batch training recognition, compared with traditional detection rate and the stability will increase greatly.

AI intelligent inspection detection technology using "deep learning" intelligent algorithm, combined with machine vision software feature-rich, system can continuously inside the school, to achieve "template learning to validate - > template is rich, detection more accurate - template richer - detection more accurate" virtuous circle. Deep learning algorithm based on AI, real-time image processing and analysis technology for large data mining, make up for the traditional visual inspection can not deal with irregular complex image problems, help to solve the poor in the process of manufacturing defect classification, can be real-time monitoring, abnormal production trace product fault causes, reduce labor costs. Facing the customer put forward higher requirements of accuracy and misjudgment rate, traditional machine vision is difficult to meet the demand. Intelligent defect detection system can give the deep learning ability AOI equipment manufacturers, to provide integrated solutions, to achieve better detection result.


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