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Spectral Confocal Technology

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Confocal spectrum technology, which can measure almost all types of materials, degree of flatness and surface, the height difference, grooves, etc., used in 2.5 D / 3 D surface, such as glass, mobile phone 3 c industry.

Spectral confocal measurement method using focus imaging characteristics of physical phenomena. By using a special lens, extend the focus of the different colors of light halo scope, form a special amplifier off color, make it according to the different object being measured, the distance to the lens will correspond to a precise wavelengths of light on the object to be tested. By measuring the wavelength of reflected light, you can get the exact distance to the object to be tested lens. This process with photographic equipment through a variety of methods to reduce off color process is just the opposite. In order to get the special color, it is necessary to use several special lens inside the sensor probe, used to according to the required range will light decomposition. Finally the use of a convex lens, the light sensor probe to gather together in one axis, formed the so-called the focal point of the axis, in the receiving broken install encoder and light feeling chip, which can convert light information to physical displacement information. Needed to get displacement data of physics.