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Vision Inspection Technology

Antenna slot width and character detection

• Confocal SCC dispersion spectroscopy

• Especially suitable for metal Z to size, flatness detection algorithm

• Easy editing software, accurate measurement

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A key to Sam's measuring equipment CV - 100 series adopts visual detection technology, after the setup program, just press the measure button, one-click quick measurement can be realized; Have the characteristics of strong versatility and ease of use, which can realize all kinds of metal, 3 d composites, glass cover products such as the appearance of the x, y direction of size, hole size, outline size of rapid measurement, to achieve the effect of composite control quality.


Model CV-100L CV-100M
Equipment name High precision small one-touch measurement vision inspection equipment High precision small one-touch measurement vision inspection equipment
Detection speed ≥60 specimens/hour Inspection of the XY-directional dimensions and contour dimensions of various metal small parts products
Specimen requirements Whole blood aspiration volume ≤ 14μL; pre-dilution of peripheral blood ≤ 20μL Samson Vision Inspection Software V1.0
Data Storage 50000个 0.005mm
Screen 10.4 inch TFT color LCD touch screen One-touch fast measurement of points, lines, circles, arcs, angles, distances, ellipses, angles, contours, etc., high precision, high versatility, compact machine
Printers Built-in thermal printer with external interface 2 PCS/S
Input, Output RS-232 interface; LAN interface; 4 USB ports 25 megapixel resolution industrial camera
Quality Control L-J QC and X-mean QC Double side telecentric high depth of field industrial lens (moving maximum depth of field 100MM)
Detection reagents HA-3D diluent for blood cell analysis (20L); HA-3S hemolysate for blood cell analysis (500ML*3) High brightness industrial LED backlight
Volume 340mm*465mm*425mm Industrial grade image processor
Weight ≤27Kg Industrial camera shooting inspection
Weight ≤27Kg Single station
Weight ≤27Kg Adopt manual loading and unloading
Weight 工业相机拍摄检测 Industrial camera shooting inspection
Weight ≤27Kg Single or multiple (optional)
Weight ≤27Kg 350*500*700
Weight ≤27Kg 30Kg
Weight ≤27Kg Temperature: 20°±2° (no dew point) Humidity: 30~80%
Weight ≤27Kg 220V

Case Name Cell phone glass cover size inspection
Detection accuracy 0.005MM
Detection speed 1800PCS/H
Detection method One-touch measurement equipment industrial camera shooting inspection
Equipment calibration accuracy 0.005mm
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