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PCB solder joint height detection

Date:2020-06-05 Source:Samsun Technology

Chip lamination, oled and led chips

Metal oled display covers are able to measure surface imperfections by means of ert wire sensors. The dispersion confocal measurement sensor is also suitable for compact led chip packages with high luminosity miniaturisation, such as led backlights and lcd screens. The cut contours or surface topography of these products can be measured. During product assembly, vert's dispersion confocal measurement sensors can help to detect the correct position of the chip mount.

Single leds are no longer used and have been replaced by highly integrated light emitting diode chips. Non-contact dispersion confocal measurement sensors are often used in the inspection of these optical chips and they can easily measure the height of the led (in the z-direction)

PCB solder joint height

Gold finger and PCB board solder joint inspection

PCB solder joint height

 Light intensity map

PCB solder joint height

Printed circuit board inspection

PCB solder joint height

Three-dimensional model drawing

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