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Medium plate transparent dispensing height detection

Date:2020-06-04 Source:Samsun Technology

      The glue pellets generated during the dispensing process can currently only be inspected by a vision system. In production it must be ensured that the dispensing route is consistent and stable, and the dispersion confocal measuring sensor system enables many of the parameters in the quality control criteria to be controlled. The glue puck must be positioned right in the middle in relation to the rest of the structure. Abnormal material build-up at the beginning and end of the dispensing process can be detected. Even gaps can be detected by dispersive confocal measurement.     

      The current lamination of the mobile phone midplane and screen module requires a circle of transparent UV glue to be dotted on top of the midplane. This glue can only be perfectly measured using a spectral confocal sensor due to its white reflectivity, which allows perfect high-speed measurement of the height and width of the glue due to the compound light characteristics of the spectral confocal sensor.

       Due to the characteristics of the glue itself: liquid, forming characteristics: with a curved shape, material characteristics: transparent or translucent.

Medium plate transparent dispensing height

The picture shows the actual white transparent UV adhesive on the middle panel of the mobile phone.

Difficulties in measuring transparent glue.

The transparent colour of the glue makes it easy for monochromatic light to penetrate directly or to fail to pick up reflected light.

The dispensing is curved and the reflected light cannot be picked up by ordinary laser sensors.

Medium plate transparent dispensing height

Two-dimensional imaging of the centre panel glue while extracting the corresponding position for analysis of the section profile

Medium plate transparent dispensing height

UV glue height analysis, transparent glue interface contour height, glue position into an arc, clear contour surface

Medium plate transparent dispensing height

UV glue 3D imaging

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