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Mobile phone camera module testing

Date:2020-06-04 Source:Samsun Technology

Dispersive confocal measurement sensors measure the morphology of microlenses to detect surface defects. Surface morphology is important for lenses as it prevents distorted images and optimises light transmission. Those cylindrical, aspherical or spherical lens arrays are usually composed of glass with a high refractive index and transparency. The non-contact measurement system with spectral confocal technology does not touch the sample during the measurement, preventing the scratching of the lens by the probe in touch measurements, while at the same time allowing the surface of the lens to be easily outlined in three dimensions. The radius of curvature of the lens can be easily obtained. The dispersive confocal measurement sensor produces very clear and distinct 3D data.

Mobile phone camera module

Mobile phone camera modules

Mobile phone camera module

Lens 2D morphometry

Mobile phone camera module

Lens 3D morphometry


1. camera module lens centre thickness and spacing distance detection.

Mobile phone camera module

2. Flatness and thickness inspection of IR cut-off filter glass

Mobile phone camera module

3. Lens protection sheet flatness and thickness inspection
Mobile phone camera module

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