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The battery anode coating thickness measurement

Date:2020-06-04 Source:Samsun Technology

Anode film thickness detection is one of the typical applications of spectral confocal, from anode film thickness, graphene film thickness online detection, to complex anode film die-cutting, the edge of the burr height measurement and other applications of various processing links. The latest composite material used is graphene + PE film. Due to the special characteristics of the material, graphene black tends to absorb light, while PE film tends to transmit light, but spectral confocal technology can solve this problem very well.

The battery anode coating thickness

The coating process actually measures the amount of coated material (surface density), and the thickness measurement is also used to indirectly reflect the amount of coated auxiliary material. The thickness measurement is also used to indirectly reflect the amount of coating material. In China, the surface density is measured with a sampler from the dried pole piece during the coating commissioning, and then a micrometer is used to measure the thickness of the pole piece before and after the pole piece to see if the pole piece is evenly coated, and a spectral confocal thickness gauge is used to monitor the pole piece thickness or the amount of coating material during the production process. To achieve online inspection of the middle part of the pole piece; the spectral confocal thickness gauge can do online thickness measurement.

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