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Diamond cutting machining surface

Date:2020-06-04 Source:Samsun Technology
Diamonds are cut and machined with very strict controls on each face, which can cause secondary damage and low efficiency if traditional contact measurement methods are used.
With spectral confocal measurement, direct non-contact measurements can be made without damage, and the ultra-high sampling frequency ensures that measurement while processing provides real-time efficiency and avoidsMaterial waste.
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Diamond cutting machining
Two-dimensional morphology of a diamond octahedron surface
Diamond cutting machining

Cross-sectional profile extraction

Cross-sectional profile
Diamond cutting machining

Analysis of surface height values
Diamond cutting machining

3D morphological analysis of the top surface of a diamond
Diamond cutting machining
Diamond surface cut knife pattern
Diamond cutting machining
Surface knife pattern analysis, height variation value Daewoo 1.49μm

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