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Thickness measurement of infrared cut-off filter

Date:2020-06-05 Source:Samsun Technology

Infra-Red Cut Filter (IRCF), like OLPF, is easy to understand if you can remember the corresponding four English words: Infra-Red Cut Filter, or IRCF for short. Infra-Red Cut Filter is an optical filter that uses precision optical coating technology to alternately coat an optical substrate with a high and low refractive index optical film. It is mainly used in the digital imaging field such as camera for mobile phones, computer cameras and car cameras to eliminate the influence of infrared light on CCD/CMOS imaging.

Thickness measurement of infrared cut-off

Measurement of infrared cut-offs using spectral confocal techniques

In addition to the traditional IR cut-off filters, the following derivatives are available: wafer grade IR cut-off filters, narrow band filters, blue glass IR cut-off filters


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