Master The Core Technology Control The Use Of Light

Technological Innovation

Samsun science and technology combined with its own advantages and the company's future development strategy, has established the 3 c industry detection equipment, smart phones, parts detection, smart phones, finished product inspection, car parts four major direction in the field of research and development, the subsequent will to medical and military detection field.

Four Research Areas

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    3C industry testing equipment: size detection, color classification, character recognition, barcode qr code identification

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    Smartphone component detection: product size detection, height difference detection, glass products (size, appearance), mobile phone components para joint assembly

  • 03.png

    Smartphone product testing: cosmetic defects, screen, the screen window, bad point, different color, etc.) flatness detection, the key gap detection, 3 d measurement

  • 04.png

    Auto parts detection: size detection, light intensity, product positioning, and shape recognition


3C product spectrum intelligent measuring critical equipment engineering technology research center

Samsun science and technology research and development department, set up in 2016 mainly high-end layout research new testing technology in the field of basic research and development, support for the strategy implementation of the company to provide innovation and technology accumulation. So far, has formed a professional R&D team of more than 20 people.


3C product automatic measurement equipment production workshop

Establish intelligent 3 c product spectrum measurement of guangdong province key equipment engineering technology research center, aimed at r&d spectrum efficiency and high precision measurement of 3 c components manufacturing key equipment, calibration, image filtering, image recognition, including the rear handle key working procedure, such as optical detection accuracy and efficiency, realize the complete set of domestic industrialization application of the equipment, to improve the enterprise independent innovation ability of the optical image measurement equipment, optimize product structure, occupy the high-end market, meet the spectral measurement applied NDT products and high precision, high efficiency, large capacity demand high standards. Through the core of high-end equipment localization, will drive the spectrum measurement, 3 c, food, materials processing and other industries of leap-forward development; At the same time, the construction of the engineering center was established to promote the rapid development of the company, enhance the level of technology and research and development capabilities, to achieve national brand of independent innovation, become the industry benchmark.